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The Digital Twist.... portfolio
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Animals And Insects portfolio
(Contains 10 photos)
Published Work...... TV, Web and Magazines portfolio
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Landscapes portfolio
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People and Portraits portfolio
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Early Mornings portfolio Im lucky to be able to catch the sunrise at what ever time of the year because of my job.
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Infra Red Images portfolio Infra Red Images in colour and Mono. A converted Nikon D5000 with a 720nm filter. Infra Red brings a whole new look to an image albeit strange and outworldly.
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Lunar Eclipse Monday 28th September 2015 portfolio
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Music And Lights.... portfolio I tried my hand at photographing a Disco as I liked the challenge of getting the lights and dancers in at extremely low light.
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Industrial portfolio Industry has and always will be a huge part in our lives so I will be adding a few here of modern industry and the past.
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Mono Maybe? portfolio
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Eclipse 20th March 2015 portfolio There was not a great deal to see or photograph with the Eclipse but as it was a point in history I had to document it.
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Dereliction portfolio What is it that photographers find so compelling about Dereliction? There is a beauty in everything......