People and Portraits

(Contains 11 photos)
Miss Honey Malone In Cabaret and Christmas Style Photo Shoot portfolio
(Contains 12 photos)
Honey Bee Shoot portfolio
(Contains 5 photos)
Single Portraits portfolio These are single shots of people. None of these images are taken at a particular shoot.
(Contains 15 photos)
Retro Air Photoshoot portfolio This was a fabulous planned shoot at an airfield with wonderfully talented models in vintage dress.
(Contains 14 photos)
Miss Honey Malone Pin Up and Burlesque portfolio
(Contains 3 photos)
Paula And Family portfolio
(Contains 5 photos)
Client Photo Shoot On Location portfolio
(Contains 19 photos)
Retro Air Photoshoot Take 2.... portfolio
(Contains 8 photos)
WW2 Camp Shoot March 2014 portfolio Shooting dereliction at a WW2 camp we were very lucky to have a friend pose for us in vintage dress.
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